Music is and will always be the ultimate way to share our experiences, express our feelings and connect in so many ways. You may start the night with the loud party of monster beats dancing your a$$ off to your favourite tunes then end the night drifting to a quiet acoustic guitar. It may be the angry release of all the negativity the world creates or the compassion that can only be articulated in the most peaceful song. We all have had these experiences, its why we love and return to music.. for us it is our way of expressing our own story.

Ag Lorg in Irish means “looking for” or “to search” and we are always searching for new sonic experiences here at Lorag Records. We are an independent label based in Dublin Ireland but originally the label was set up in California in 2003 after working with, recording and being produced by eccentric and enigmatic Kim Fowley producer/songwriter of Nirvana, Teenage Fanclub, Frank Zappa, GunsnRoses, KISS, Joan Jett and The Runaways.

Since then we have continued to put out music thru Lorag Records and we will continue to bring you our D.I.Y. ethos and new music as time goes on.

-David Garol- Founder of Lorag Records